Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Colorado Bound

As I am free of tests and projects forced by college teachers and mentors I have began to realize that I have to make up my own tests and projects for myself. A hard thing to kick into your own realization after college yet it's right there in front of you and if you don't pursue your own projects you'll be left last sort a speak in the art world. Coming from some artists that I know told me to draw or take a picture at least once a day. Cause if you don't you'll become lazy and unmotivated to do what you love. Also, when you dream while sleeping at night or even taking a nap, right when you wake up write down your dream and that may become a picture you can create through a drawing or photography.

After driving 1200 miles across the country I finally know where I may belong for while. With great friends, family, scenery, and with many creative people feels great. I hope all you artists feel something like I have wherever you end up and keep up your tests and projects.

*photos soon to come *

cheers to you my new town and home,
your new neighborhood artist/photographer,

Alex Harwood