Friday, January 20, 2012

New Era. New Change.

These past 9 months or so my life felt as if it not only turned upside down but inside out up right then sideways and then repeat. I say this though in a very good way, due to the change in my environment in all aspects of my life I am lets say final at my commonplace. A place where I needed to be a long time ago. Now I'm so sad to say I have not shot a photo since September for just pure enjoyment for what photography brings into my life. I have though shot a couple friends and co workers kids a couple months ago but not for pure enjoyment. I need to someday soon get back out there and go shoot for fun and remember why I began loving this art. New change has already happened I just need to shoot it now and gain back all my skills like coloring in the lines for the first time. Fuck the saying "just like riding a bike", I mean come on do your remember how hard it is/was to color inside the lines ? Shit I was  a young artist you think I stayed in the lines, riding a bike ha. 
Live. Learn. Listen. Love. Photography

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